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Land tax and MRIT are calculated on the aggregated taxable value of all land held in the same ownership (excluding exempt land) at midnight on 30 June.

The taxable value for land is the lesser of the current unimproved value of the land or 150% of the previous year’s unimproved value.

We calculate the amount of land tax by applying the appropriate rate of tax to the aggregated taxable value of the land. For example, if you owned two properties in WA with taxable values of $200,000 and $300,000, we will combine these values and assess tax on $500,000.

Use the online calculator to calculate your land tax liability.

Generally, we only aggregate land owned by the same owners. For example, the value of land that is owned solely by you is not usually combined with the value of land you own jointly with another person or with land that you have an interest in through a company or trust.