The Rental Process

The key to good property management is having all the stress and hard work taken out of your hands, and our seven-step process allows us to do so with the least input from you:

  1. Management Authority: Legal documentation between the home-owners and Motivate Realty, outlining the services.
  2. Home Preparation: All recommendations and services are provided to get your home ready to rent.
  3. Market Advertising: Marketing the property and uploading the advertisements to REIWA, Domain, and other rental websites.
  4. Tenant Selection: After the initial tenant screening, all the tenant applications are put to the home-owner to select.
  5. Tenancy Commences:  The lease is finalised and property condition reports (with photos) are taken. The tenant moves in.
  6. Maintain Tenancy: The owner and tenant portal allows real-time view of the property. Regular inspections occur every 3 months.
  7. End of Tenancy: Formal notices and actions are provided to the tenant. The home goes back to the original condition (minus the fair wear & tear) final inspection occurs.